Jannis Deeleman, European borders

Piusa River EE-RU April 2017

border Belgium netherlands, 12-2013

border Belgium Germany with Eef Berns, 201405

Canada-USA, Niagara, 201406

Most people follow long roads and sometimes they are confronted with crossing a border.
... I follow long borders and sometimes I'm confronted with crossing a road....

Jannis Deeleman

I was born in 1965 in The Netherlands.
That is where I still live and work.
I work for the Dutch Rail Infrastructure Manager (ProRail) on infrastructural projects. In addition I write articles about state borders for several magazines and on Internet travel sites.
My interest in borders started already when I was young. I grew up near the Belgian-Dutch border. I studied Geography at the Univeristy of Groningen in The Netherlands.
I specialised myself in the development of the Infrastructure near borders and in social development in border areas.
I don't have any political or strategical interest or involvement.

border Belgium Germany with Eef Berns, 201405

The areas of my intrest are:
- The history of the borders in Europe. - The history of the border markers in Europe. Each country has different markers.
- The area around the border. How look border crossings like. What kind of buildings and crossing constructions you will find. So, what happens at the lands end...
- since 2010 my interest moves to the development at the borders of central and East Europe, to the Schengen Borders.
There is much development since for instance the Baltic states became a part of the EU. How are the borders between the Schengen coutries and the rest of Europe marked and protected.

On my website you will find some information about these borders. I could only do this with the kind support and cooperation of the Polish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Norwegian State Border Guards Services who permitted me to enter the protected border areas and to take pictures.

I am the author of articles about these topics for the University of Groningen and for several international magazines about travelling in nature. For example, in 2010 I wrote an article about the Swiss borders in AFAR.


In 2004, 2008 and 2009 I appeared in some television documentaries about the history of Dutch and Belgian border.
For example in:
"Publiek Geheim (Belgian National Television, Canvas)
"Man bijt hond" (Dutch national television, NCRV) and
In 2015 I was interviewed for the Dutch Public Radio 'Plein 5'.
border Belgium Germany with Eef Berns, 201405 .

Besides that, I have two websites where I publish a selection of photos and results of my trips to several borders.

- border Netherlands - Belgium;
- border Belgium - Luxembourg
- border Belgium - Germany;
- border Germany Luxemburg;
- parts of border Netherlands - Germany;
- parts of border Switzerland - Germany;
- parts of border Switzerland - Italy;
- parts of the border between Austria and Slovakia
- parts of the border between Austria and Hungary
- parts of the border between Lithuania and Belarus.

The coming up projects are related to the Schengen borders in Eastern Europe.

I hope you enjoy this website with history, maps and pictures of the European borders!
Of course you can always help me with corrections, additions and interesting places.
You will find a link to my e-mail of the homepage of this website.

Thanks for your interest and your support!

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